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Chain Sharing

Chain Sharing by KiShares

The Idea

KiShares started the idea of chain sharing after witnessing a repetitive problem for small businesses getting off the ground. The majority of the difficulties that small businesses first face are marketing related. Moreover, large audience advertising is a luxury that many brands cannot afford. Although some businesses are lucky enough to receive investments early on, others still struggle to be seen. Fortunately, these modern times have brought the possibility of a new marketing revolution.

How it Works

Chain sharing allows any user to post about a business, brand, or product, immediately after sharing another’s post. Sharing may be done with one of the many social media buttons. The social media sharing buttons include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and more. Once posted, a business page with a unique URL is created, and is posted on the KiShares business listings. Finally, the next user will have to share a post as well and the cycle continues. This chain sharing mechanism allows for an exchange of free marketing.

chain sharing

Extra Benefits

In addition to the chain sharing system that encourages users to share existing posts, there are more features in play. Firstly, every post on the KiShares website is posted on all of our own social media pages. KiShares routinely and automatically distributes all posts to its social media pages. Next, the pages you create by posting, act as a hub for backlinks, boosting your main website/business page’s SEO. While submitting or editing your post, you may choose keywords that KiShares will make relevant to your business. Additionally, other relevant businesses on KiShares become your systematic partner. There’s no longer any need to ask businesses individually to link and share your business for outbound/inbound links. Let it happen programmatically.

Let’s Make a Change

Businesses with the most marketing dollars have ruled the business world for too long. Let’s create a new age of small business in which the best idea, service, and commitment beats the one with the thicker wallet. At a time when online business is blooming, and social media gives power to the people, let’s use our resources and chain sharing to create fairness. Furthermore, KiShares is an entirely free website, asking for nothing but your participation. In addition to the free shares and marketing you receive from other uses, KiShares also shares your posts to its own social media pages. Find out about KiShares and its chain sharing idea on the Social Share information page. Remember to like our Facebook page and help the community thrive.

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