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Free Marketing with Social Shares

BrandShare not only uses the Chain Sharing system to get your post shared and viewed, but we share it ourselves as well. BrandShare puts the work into marketing your business, brand, or product for you. Free marketing is something that we feel every idea is entitled to. Just like community software has overtaken some expensive software companies, free marketing can now outdo expensive marketing services. All you have to do is view any other post, and click one of the social buttons in the description. After you share another post, a popup will appear with a special link allowing you to create your own post. The whole process of an instant sign-up plus creating a post takes about 30 seconds!

In addition to our free marketing service, if you are interested in working directly with BrandShare for personal online business strategies, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are dedicated to your cause, and have and idea that you know can benefit others, you have every reason to continually seek improvement and progress. Nowadays, one can instantly connect with people with similar or mutually beneficial goals to your own. BrandShare is designed to create a community that can benefit every member mutually with free marketing.

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