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Matt Kiba

E-Commerce Developer & Digital Marketer
Education: UNC Charlotte (Computer Science)
Hometown: New York City, USA
Location: Singapore
Contact Info:
WhatsApp: +19802023011
LINE: MattKiba

I’m a Digital Marketing Manager from NYC now living in SG. I have worked at various businesses for IT positions including: systems administration, security, customer service, web design and marketing. Most recently, I have developed a specialization in the field of e-commerce development, especially with WordPress and WooCommerce with which I employ skills such as UX design/development (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS), analytics, graphic design and advertisement.

My marketing expertise includes but is not limited to: SEO/search engine, map/local, event, social media, content writing, analytics, and funneling. Recently I have acquired a specialty in both social media API integration and utilization of AI for content marketing. AI can now enabled us to quickly scan, modify, and perfect the SEO level of each page of the website. Secondly, an increased demand for translation marketing has lead me to dive into translation optimization in digital marketing.

Some of the companies that I’ve done web development and digital marketing for include:

✤ Class Coupon

✤ Customizer Designs

✤ ExportWaves

✤ MLC Learning Center

✤ Rico Palm

✤ Witch’s Group

✤ Party King Club

✤ Pier Telecom

✤ Customizer Designs

✤ DFS Karma

✤ Exhibit Experience

✤ Mega Pizza

✤ Refuel Agency

✤ Dilworth Tasting Room

✤ Party King Club

✤ The Press Box

✤ Team Charlotte Motorsports

✤ TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF)

✤ UNC Charlotte Computing and Informatics Department (VIS Center)

✤ The Charlotte Research Institution

✤ Air Force ROTC Detachment 592

✤ Garland C. Norris