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A New Way to Invest

Web-Based Investments

web-based investments

KiShares has created “web-based investments,” a new way to invest, particularly in new / startup businesses. We are joined with SplitShares – a program and service that allows an e-commerce portal on any new or pre-existing website that can automatically divide all income among partners or supporters.

With KiShares, one can invest in a business idea by supporting the web foundation: website, domain name, web server, SEO, etc. Just as KiShares does for ideas with potential, anyone may use KiShares’s web-based investing to sponsor a new business and receive 10% (or more depending on the deal) of all web-based income,

Web-based investments are puts an end to problems companies suffer at early stages of growth, or chances that investors lose before a business is not yet in the stock-trading stages .

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