Backlinks and SEO

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Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks Created by Your Post

After building your business website successfully, you then go through the process of writing articles and optimizing the content. After that, you may wonder what more you can do for your website’s overall SEO value. Backlinks are a fast and effective way to not only boost the awareness of your website, blog, or page, but also increase your SEO score. Backlinks are, in the case we will talk about in this article, a mention of a page or website, especially consisting of a link and tags. There are many easy ways to use this tactic to increase your business’s awareness. Creating business pages on social media and mentioning your website with a link in relevant forum topics are two.


Basically, having many connections that lead back to your website, or a page or post on your website, not only draws in users, but tells Google that your website is talked about. When you create a post, Backlinks are instantly created. You may add tags that give a short explanation of your post. Each tag may become a search result keyword to lead viewers to your post and linked website or page. Additionally, every post created on KiShares is made sharable and will likely be shared by others. The Chain Sharing system highly encourages other users to share existing posts. This initial post is needed in order for users to share their own. This is the beauty of a community that markets each other for free.

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