Choose a Programming Language

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Choose a Programming Language

What programming language should I study?

Programming languages are continually evolving. As programming languages are updated, the syntax often changes. The fact that there is an abundance of choices and that they are often updated means it’s never too late to start learning. In addition to new languages being created, one large company may change its usefulness. For example, when Google decided to use Python as the primary language for its machine learning services, like Tensor Flow, its popularity grew quickly. When Facebook made its own JavaScript library (React) with support and a helpful community, it also became popular among web developers. Facebook also restructured its JavaScript library to be used for its mobile app and created React Native. Now React Native is one of the most common mobile app programming languages.

The programming language you choose should depends highly on the final goal. For example, if the goal is to develop a game, one may want to consider the tools currently available. Unity is a common game development engine / builder that has become famous among game developers in the last few years. The primary programming language of Unity is C#, which may be called Microsoft’s version of Java. If you are often creating or editing WordPress websites, you may consider studying JQuery and PHP to gain more control and abilities with a CMS. One may also consider SQL a programming language for databases. MySQL is a common, free to use database language that is comparatively simple. In most cases, that are control panels like phpMyAdmin that allows basic GUI control of your database(s), however it’s likely you may eventually need to do something more advanced.

Additionally, you should consider the current skills you already have and the languages, if any, that you enjoy using. If your goal is web development, the first step should probably be learning HTML and CSS. If you have a good understanding of those two, a JavaScript language that can be implemented into HTML, like Angular, may feel comfortable. While ReactJS uses CSS for its styling, React Native uses something called JSX, which is quite similar and may feel familiar. There are many more to choose from, and no one can predict exactly which ones may be the most valuable to have as an employer. The best strategy is to think of the end goal and research which languages can make it happen.

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