Choosing a Web Server

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Choosing a Web Server

How to Choose a Web Sever (Web Host)

Before choosing a web server, you should consider not only price but the services they offer as well. Web service companies that offer good database, snapshot, security, and domain name services are a essential. In addition, some web hosts also offer a marketplace with free CMS installations. If you would like to know more about what a CMS is, click here. Sometimes a simple Unix server with nothing but a command line to work with can be difficult for beginners. Nowadays, even advanced users prefer to save time with web application creating services. One example of this is Bitnami, which automatically creates a complete WordPress installation as your web server instance is created.

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The quality of a web server can make the difference between a fast and slow loading website. Most web hosts offer a choice in quality, speed, and reliability of the server your instance / website will be placed on. However, a good web server has standards even for trial or low priced options. For the sake of speed, web servers using solid state drives (SSD) are highly recommend and standard these days. In addition, easy access to FTP and SSH credentials and keys are important as you will need these tools eventually if not immediately. Some web hosts try to hide essential access to your own instance and sell them back to you with “ease of access” premium services. However, the truth is you don’t need anything more. Domain name hosts may or not be the same as your web server, but your domain server should also allow you to easily change nameservers without trying to offer you a new service. Standard web and domain name features are enough and it’s best you try to learn to use them initially. In this article, we’ll list just two that are trusted for reliability, and professionalism: AWS, Google Cloud web hosting, and Microsoft Azure.

If you would like assistance starting a new website on one of these servers, you may submit the web development form here.

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