Find Investors

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Find Investors

How to Find Investors

There is not an abundance of resources for seeking out investors. Reaching out to investors often comes down to waiting for a local business conference. The lack of a social platform-like system gives no easy solution for casual investor to investee communication. Nor is it easy for investors to find early businesses that are seeking investments. KiShares added a feature allowing users to select what their business goals are. Whether your goal be to find investors, hire, find partners, or sell your business, you can make it clear. When creating or editing a post, you will see the option at the very top of the page. If you are looking for businesses which need investments, you may find them HERE. This option can also be found under the “Business Search” menu item.

“If you build it they will come”

Sometimes it is the entrepreneurs’s responsibility to  make themselves known. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who try once or twice and give up quickly. No business made from scratch has ever been easy. Every entrepreneur will face doubt, insults, and instability. The ability and drive to continuing progressing is what keeps a business moving. The drive to continue comes from ambition and confidence in your idea. That ambition is what investors are looking for. No one wants to make a large financial investment into someone who is not willing to work hard to go far. To find investors, be a person worth investing into, then you will be found.