Web Analytics

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Web Analytics

An Eye for Success in Web Analytics

At KiShares, not only do we have with a trained eye for success, but we also have an expertise in web analytics. Specifically in Google Analytics, we can outline a funnel for you to show the flow of users and create a simple to read report. Google Data Studio allows us to connect with any web analytics data and create a beautiful report with big, colorful charts and tables to allow the best understanding of potential growth or weak points.

Tie in and Utilize Web Analytics with Everything from Forms to E-commerce Portals.

Using techniques from crawl analytics to predictive analytics, we don’t just measure the current state of your business, but we look closely to prepare and present a recipe for success. There is always room to improve, and we guarantee, with past proven success, to increase page views, click-through rate, session times, and also decrease bounce rates.

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